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Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

The introduction of management software was a blessing to many businesses. We cannot stress enough how important your time is in business and life. Therefore, we believe investing in business management software is a worthwhile investment. 

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as simply picking a program at random and successfully using it. It is 2022, and the choices for business management software are more than ever before. This article has narrowed the options to the top software that we believe will work well with any small or established business. 



Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management applications for businesses. With Hootsuite, you benefit from a wide array of features like being able to schedule, manage and converse with your target audiences on social media. 

In addition, you get to monitor keywords and any material that your competition will be engaging in; when it comes to a market research tool that can get you ahead in business, look no further than Hootsuite.  


Email marketing has been around for ages. Mailchimp has revamped this age-old marketing technique and made it more effective and up-to-date with today’s marketing world. You can now separate your target audience based on your target market. For example, you can segregate your emails based on demographic, purchase history, or location and create your emails in a way that speaks directly to these markets. Find out how you can talk to your desired markets with ease. 

Keep your accounts in check. 


With over 30 years in the business, QuickBooks has not only remained relevant but has evolved a lot in the last few years. As a result, this software comes with advanced features and superb support. 

Get advanced payment and point of sale features and other valuable features on one platform. QuickBooks has an easy-to-use dashboard that will make any employee feel like a pro.  


If you need efficient and accurate billing services, then look no further than Freshbooks. Make receiving processing, and tracking payments a breeze with this simple software. If simplicity is your thing, we strongly suggest you check out Freshbooks. 

Communication made easy 


Slack is for businesses that aim at improving their productivity and their communication. This software has done away with the confusion of attaching files to several individuals and then having different results in return. Instead, they had invested in real-time chat groups that make group huddles and discussions possible in real-time. In addition, your team members can update their tasks, set targets, and get organized using Slack.  

Google Hangouts

Hangouts offer more features than most business communication apps. For example, it integrates video calling, which is a step up from the simple messaging we are used to. 

With the support of up to 25 members at any given time and built-in screen sharing, it makes it an excellent option for those Monday meetings or status meetings. Still, on video conferencing, we must put in an honorable mention that Zoom has made great strides in making sure all business meetings are conducted most professionally and productively possible. 

Time management


The key to any business success is knowing how time is being spent in the business. Timely is software dedicated to tracking the time and productivity of your team remotely. Know where your time is spent and conveniently improve your business turnaround time. 

Zoho One

Zoho One is an all-in-one business management software with everything you need to run your business. With an impressive 40 business apps, you connect multiple apps so that different teams can work together. As a result, manage almost every aspect of your business in one system. 


There is a wide selection of software that is aimed at making businesses more efficient and profitable. However, not all of them are right for your business. Still unsure of which software works well for you? You can contact our team at, and we will guide you in choosing the best Business Management Software for your business. 

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